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Purchase and sale of used CNC machines

We buy and sell used CNC machines. In our portfolio you will find a wide selection of CNC milling machines, metal lathes, machining centers, press brakes and other metalworking and forming machines. We have CNC machines in stock and are immediately available or we will arrange mediation according to your requirements. If you are looking for a CNC machine that is not currently in use, please use the form provided, we will be happy to provide you with a CNC machine according to your requirements.

We have a network of more than 90,000 contacts and can supply machine tools and forming machines on favorable terms. See more at "What makes us different?". For more than 10 years, we have been offering our customers a comprehensive solution in the CNC machine market. In addition to arranging the sale of metalworking machines, we will help you secure financing, assembly and disassembly, transportation or overhaul of selected types of machine tools.

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